DIY Gamepad… and ZEOMA!

Published by Peter Bouda on 07.11.2015 in Dev.

First of all I want to introduce you to new project that is now featured on this site and that we will be working on in the future. The working title is ZEOMA, and it is a modular game console based on the EOMA-68 concept. We will publish more information about the project in the coming weeks, and how you might join in to build the first open and modular game console!

As one of the steps to create prototypes of the different PCBs I am currently working on the gamepad boards (2nd and 3rd PCBs in the schematics). I use a Nucleo STM32F072 development board und recently got the USB HID examples of the libopencm3 project working. My idea now is to write a little firmware that takes the input from the analog sticks and the buttons and transforms it into USB HID data that I can send to the main computer board (currently my PC). A DIY gamepad, so to speak. To make things a little easier I bought a gamepad shield for the Arduino, as the Nucleo board provides a compatible header. Here are some photos of the result:

DIY Gamepad for ZEOMA progress

Already looks awesome! The next step is now the firmware… Stay tuned for updates!

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