Build and run a game with V-Play

After reading this section you will be able to compile V-Play games with the Qt Creator and run them on the Raspberry. Make sure that you successfully installed the μbrew development kit.

Clone the μbrew Flappy Bird repository

As an example game we will build and run the Flappy Bird demo that is also part of V-Play and that is covered in an excellent tutorial on the V-Play website. For μbrew we will use a specific fork of the code from the μbrew repository, as this version supports gamepads and contains landscape mode graphics for monitors. To clone the repository open a terminal and type:

$ git clone

This will download the μbrew code of Flappy Bird.

Open the project in Qt Creator

Next, you open the project file of Flappy Bird in Qt Creator. Start the Qt Creator that came with V-Play and choose File -> Open File or Project... from the menu. Browse to the Flappy Bird folder and open Qt Creator will open a page with the title Configure Project. Make sure you select the Raspberry kit that you created for the μbrew development kit as shown in the screenshot:

Screen of Qt Creator dialog to Configure Project

Then click on Configure Project to close the dialog and save your settings. Qt Creator will now parse the project files and generate Makefiles to compile the game later. Before we run the project, we still have to set the working directory on the Raspberry in the project settings. Click on Projects in the left pane of Qt Creator and choose the Run tab of the Raspberry kit:

Screen of Qt Creator dialog for Run settings

Under the heading Run you will find the setting for the Working directory. Enter /opt/FlappyBird into the input field:

Screen of Qt Creator dialog for Working directory

You are now ready to start the game on the Raspberry. Make sure the Raspberry is turned on and accessible over the local network. Qt Creator will try to access the remote device via SSH, so make sure you the login works. If you followed the instructions to install the μbrew development kit, the connection settings are already stored in Qt Creator as part of the Qt kit. Click on the Run button of Qt Creator in the lower left corner (the big green Play button). Qt Creator will now compile, deploy and run the game on the Raspberry!

Feel free to play around with the Flappy Bird code to make yourself familiar with Qt Creator and the development process. Whenever you change some code now you can simply press Run, and the modified version will be started on the Raspberry. Happy coding and gaming!

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